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This remarkable program will give you all of the knowledge, tools, skills and support you need to begin breaking free from your unwanted sexual behaviors. Your subscription includes:

  • Online Access 24/7

  • Safe and Anonymous

  • Recovery Training

  • Full Multi Media Training

  • Tracking Tools

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Tools & Techniques

  • Brain Science of Change Training

  • Personal Coach

  • Accountability

  • Forum

  • Journal

  • Assessments

  • Spiritual Resources

  • RECLAIM Plus

You have two subscription options:  $49/month or $245 up front for six months  (you pay for 5 get the 6th month free). 

To get started, click the sign-up button above.  Choose a username that maintains your anonymity and privacy. Your username will be the only information that identifies you in the program. Use an email address that you will be comfortable with receiving periodic messages from the RECLAIM team.

Your information will be kept anonymous, secure, and private. All content, training and support for this program are provided online. There are no books or manuals. Once you sign up and begin the program, a detailed video introduction will explain everything you need to know to use the program and get back the life you desire and God intends!

If confidential payment is a big concern for you, simply purchase a preloaded credit card from a local retailer and use it as the means of payment for your subscription.

Still not sure if the RECLAIM Online Program is right for you?  Learn more about the program here or read these testimonials of people just like you who have already signed up.

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