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RECLAIM has knowledgable experts available to speak at your event.

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We've spoken on the dangers of pornography and the path to healing at numerous events, including:
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  • Diocesan Leadership Convocations

  • Seminarian Trainings

  • Clergy Congresses

  • Men's Conferences

  • Women's Conferences

  • Catholic Medical Conferences

  • Catholic Psychotherapy Conferences



  • Parish events

Primary RECLAIM Speakers

Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann are the RECLAIM Sexual Health Co-Directors and Elizabeth Ministry International Co-Founders The couple are dynamic speakers known for their unique way of bridging science and religion.

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Bruce E. Hannemann, M.A.

As an author and public speaker, Bruce has shared his own recovery story with humility and candor.  He is honored to tell his experience of God's restoration in his life and marriage.  After a 30 year career teaching college science, he has the ability to share complex scientific information in an easy to understand manner.  His understanding of biochemistry of sexuality has put an end to the mystery of lust and given him a way to share God's plan for health and holiness. Bruce's training as a Brain Health Specialist allows him to integrate science in his healing mentoring.  His witty personality, and genuine compassion help him teach others to shed the shame and start to reclaim God's plan for their lives. 

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Jeannie M. Hannemann, M.A.

Jeannie has over 40 years experience assisting families through the joys, challenges, and sorrows of life and love issues.  Her personal journey through her husband's pornography use and infidelity, training in problematic sexual behavior and betrayal trauma, extensive family life ministry experiences, and her belief in the power of God's transforming grace makes her a sought after confidant, consultant, and presenter.  She is an internationally recognized author, radio personality, and speaker.  Her programs have won diocesan, state, and national awards within the church and the secular community.  She offers practical tools to transform pain to peace.

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