Resources for loved ones impacted by pornography or other unhealthy sexual behaviors

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Resources for Spouses

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Help For A Spouse

When you discover that your spouse is involved with pornography, had an affair, or engages in other unwanted sexual behaviors, it's normal to experience very legitimate and overwhelming negative emotions. It can be difficult to know exactly how to respond. 

RECLAIM offers resources to help spouses find their own healing and, if appropriate, assist the addicted spouse.

Although it's normal and natural to feel isolated and unique in your struggles, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We provide support to spouses all over the world, and many are facing challenges very similar to those you struggle with.

NAVIGATE Betrayal is our on-line program for spouses.

In the program, you will learn:

  • How to start down the path to your own healing.

  • How to engage in your own self-care.

  • How to set boundaries and help your spouse take responsibility for his own recovery.

  • How to work together to heal your relationship.

The first version of the online NAVIGATE Betrayal program is for betrayed wives. We also provide other support for betrayed husbands. Contact us for more information.

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Fighting For Your Marriage: Hope and Help for the Wife of a Porn Addict

This book is written for women whose husbands have strayed sexually with the use of pornography. The perspective of this resource focuses on pornography use, but is applicable for healing from any form of infidelity. Written by two women who understand the situation from first hand experience. They share insights and suggestions that offer hope for healing both the wife, her husband and the marriage.


As a parent, when you discover a teen or adult child's involvement with unwanted sexual behaviors, it's very normal and natural to feel like you've failed, or to be upset or embarrassed by what's happening. We can assure you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! At RECLAIM, we provide support to individuals all over the world, and many are facing challenges very similar to those you struggle with.

In the RECLAIM training you'll learn about the brain science behind your child's pornography use and other unwanted sexual behaviors. You'll learn how these behaviors create a literal chemical dependency in the brain, very similar to street drugs. You're probably wondering, "What can I say or do to help my loved one break out of this terrible trap?" In the training, you will learn the most effective ways to help your child, and how to avoid the approaches that can actually deepen the addiction. Your participation in your loved one's recovery journey is a critical part of maximizing their success, and strengthening the all-important child-parent relationship you share.

RECLAIM Resource for Parents

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Rescuing Our Youth From the Porn Trap: Parent Primer 
Guidebook With Audio CD

Rescuing Our Youth From the Porn Trap: Parent Primer brings light into the darkness of the pornography epidemic by providing vital information and practical tools parents can use to both protect and heal the purity of their children.

The approach in this parent primer combines faith and prayer with cutting edge research on the brain science of addiction.  This Primer provides vital information and practical tools parents can use to both protect and heal the purity of their children.


Resources for Clergy


Helping Those Held Captive By Pornography And other Unhealthy Sexual Behaviors A Catholic Guide for Clergy Priests are searching for ways to help those caught up in the growing pandemic of pornography use and other unhealthy sexual behaviors. This book will assist clergy in reaching out to help heal individuals, parents, couples and families. Authors - Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann. A RECLAiM RESOURCE cover may vary


Helpful Homilies

It can be difficult preaching about this topic.  But it needs to be done because so many people have not heard the amazing and positive vision for marriage, sex and the family that the Church offers.  As a means of helping you approach this topic with your congregation, we offer the following links to sermons and other helpful messages:  

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TOOLS to help you SUCCEED in helping those in need.

We know how hard it is to hear the pain of pornography use by parish members. RECLAIM Sexual Health offers clergy a resource to help those in need.


RECLAIM Confession Cards are available to give to penitents discreetly in the confessional.

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A RECLAIM Parish Kit is also available!

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Clergy may request a passcode to obtain FREE ACCESS CODE to the RECLAIM Sexual Health training videos for a limited time.

Contact us to

  • order RECLAIM Confession Cards,

  • order a RECLAIM Parish Kit,

  • request a free Clergy RECLAIM Video Training Access Code.

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