A professional team with expertise in mental health, addiction recovery, neuroscience, and technology spent many years and millions of dollars to create a research-based, anonymous, online, recovery program.

There are many people offering information about the dangers and brain science behind
the pornography pandemic and other problematic sexual behaviors, but few speak of proven solutions. 
No amount of information, no matter how good it is, can accomplish huge changes in behaviors. 
To address this issue, a professional team with expertise in mental health, addiction recovery, neuroscience,
and technology spent many years and millions of dollars to create a research-based, anonymous, online,
recovery program from pornography, masturbation, affairs, and other unhealthy sexual behaviors. 
This new approach, called the Brain Science of Behavior Change, targets brain systems and has been proven with thousands of struggling individuals in more than 80 countries worldwide to change unwanted sexual behaviors.
After decades of struggle, Bruce Hannemann was the fourth person in the world to go through this cutting edge secular recovery program.  Combining it with teachings from Theology of the Body and Spiritual Directors, Bruce was finally set free from his compulsive unhealthy sexual behaviors, and his wife, Jeannie, found needed support from betrayal trauma, and their marriage was healed.

Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann are best known in their role as the founders of Elizabeth Ministry International, offering hope, help, and healing on life and love issues.  Together they manage a headquarters for over 700 registered Elizabeth Ministry Chapters on six continents and operate a Retreat Center for direct service to those in need.
The couple are dynamic speakers known for their unique way of bridging science and religion.  They are qualified to speak on pornography and infidelity not only from professional training, but from their own lived experience.

At the request of Bishop David Ricken, they coordinated the collaboration of scientists, psychologists, researchers, electronic learning technicians, theologians, and other Catholic leaders to partner with and transform the secular program Bruce had used into RECLAIM Sexual Health, a state of the art, online recovery program for individuals struggling with pornography and other unhealthy sexual behaviors. 

Today, RECLAIM Sexual Health has expanded beyond just the Online Recovery Program through additional online, audio, and print resources as well.  NAVIGATE Betrayal, Is an on-line program recently launched for spouses to find the support and healing they need.

Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann travel extensively to train clergy, parish staff, parents, and others to mend mind, save souls, and heal hearts hurt by pornography, affairs, and other unhealthy sexual behaviors.
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"Under my direction, Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann, of Elizabeth Ministry International, have been instrumental in creating a private, anonymous, online recovery program for overcoming pornography and other unhealthy sexual behaviors. I am now very pleased to make you aware of this wonderful resource for hope, help and healing. 

RECLAIM Sexual Health is a professional and science-based Catholic online program. Struggling individuals can safely go online and receive the education, tools, resources and support they so desperately need. In addition to helping those who are addicted, we must also reach out to their spouses, parents and other family members. RECLAIM provides resources, training and support for family members, as well as clergy and counselors.

I am very impressed with the way in which RECLAIM has combined research-based brain science and recovery methods with the Theology of the Body and other important Catholic doctrines and teachings. Science and spirituality work in harmony to help individuals break free.

RECLAIM addresses one of the most serious attacks being waged on the family today! I have personally asked Elizabeth Ministry to take on this challenge and ask you to do whatever you can to support this vitally important ministry of hope."

The Most Reverend David L. Ricken 

Diocese of Green Bay

RECLAIM Episcopal Advisor