How Clergy Can Help

As a religious leader, you may feel overwhelmed by the rapidly growing numbers of individuals struggling with pornography use, masturbation, and other unwanted sexual behaviors. RECLAIM is a powerful online resource designed to help struggling individuals integrate faith and recovery.

Connected Clergy Network

Offer your support for the RECLAIM mission and stay up to date on the latest resources available for clergy by becoming a member of our Connected Clergy Network.

Clergy around the country have been aware for years of the pornography pandemic sweeping through their congregations.  They encounter it in the confessional, in marriage and pre-marriage counseling, in youth, in adults, in women, and men.  Some even struggle these unhealthy behaviors themselves.

RECLAIM desires to connect clergy with resources and tools that can assist them in helping the individuals in their congregations break free of these addictions.  We ask all members of our Connected Clergy Network to commit to supporting the RECLAIM mission through prayer, fasting, advocacy, finances and/or offering knowledge and wisdom.  We provide updates on the latest research and resources and help connect you with other clergy around the country who are also committed to fighting the battle against pornography.



Helpful Homilies

It can be difficult preaching about this topic.  But it needs to be done because so many people have not heard the amazing and positive vision for marriage, sex and the family that the Church offers.  As a means of helping you approach this topic with your congregation, we offer the following links to sermons and other helpful messages:  

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