Help For A Spouse


When you discover that your spouse is involved with pornography, had an affair, or engages in other unwanted sexual behaviors, it's normal to experience very legitimate and overwhelming negative emotions. It can be difficult to know exactly how to respond. 

RECLAIM offers resources to help spouses find their own healing and, if appropriate, assist the addicted spouse.



The RECLAIM Team recognizes how important it is to the person seeking to reclaim purity to have support people involved.  The FREE ONLINE SUPPORT PERSON the importance of support people In the SUPPORT PERSON video modules, you will learn that your spouse's disordered sexual behaviors are NOT ABOUT YOU!

Destructive sexual outlets can create a chemical addiction negatively affecting the brain in ways very similar to illicit street drugs.


Although it's normal and natural to feel isolated and unique in your struggles, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We provide support to spouses all over the world, and many are facing challenges very similar to those you struggle with.

In the SUPPORT PERSON program for spouses, you will learn:

  • How to start down the path to your own healing.

  • How to engage in your own self-care.

  • How to set boundaries and help your spouse take responsibility for his own recovery.

  • How to work together to heal your relationship.

RECLAIM Support Person Resources for Spouses


This book is written for women whose husbands have strayed sexually with the use of pornography. The perspective of this resource focuses on pornography use, but is applicable for healing from any form of infidelity. Written by two women who understand the situation from first hand experience. They share insights and suggestions that offer hope for healing both the wife, her husband and the marriage.