For Therapists

Thank you for taking the time to explore the RECLAIM program as a potential part of the treatment plan for your clients. We work with struggling individuals all over the world and have had great success working in harmony with counselors and therapists.



RECLAIM Resources for Therapist

At RECLAIM, we do not get involved with counseling or therapy. We have three main areas of focus—

  1. Brain Science and Psycho-Education: Through online and interactive psycho-education and multi-media training courses, we provide our Students with a basic understanding of the Brain Science of Change—how they developed their unwanted behaviors and the cognitive processes and tools required to change them.

  2. Online Assessment, Tracking and Accountability: We provide all of the online tools Students need to consistently assess and track their progress, and hold themselves accountable for continuing to engage in the daily routine, practicing and activities that bring long-term success.

  3. Online Support Resources: Every Student has an online RECLAIM Coach that communicates via a private message board. Coaches are NOT counselors or therapists. They provide encouragement, support and direct the Student to resources located within the RECLAIM program and platform. If counseling or therapy issues arise, the RECLAIM Coach immediately refers the Student back to you for help.