Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin the RECLAIM Online Recovery Program once I sign up?

Once signed up, the place to begin in the RECLAIM Online Recovery Program is in "My Training", where over 16 hours of video-based education and exercises are found. The first six modules must be completed in order, beginning with the Introduction which gives an overview of all of the modules and tools found in RECLAIM. We recommend 10-15 minutes per day in this training, which strikes a good balance between continuing to move through the program but also giving yourself a chance to intergrate the concepts and exercises into your daily life. Your personal coach is available via a private message board to answer any questions you may have about the program and to offer encouragement and support. The Paraticipant Forum is also available. This essentially is where the community of RECLAIM participants comes together, shares ideas and stories and offers encouragement or even accountability (many students say this is a critical component of their recover process). In the RECLAIM Plus area of the program, new content on faith, science, and recovery is being posted on a regular basis. Other tools are provided to enhance your own understanding of why you experience the compulsions/addictions you do.

How does the RECLAIM Online Recovery Program "fit" within other recovery options?

There is a continuum of care needed to treat compulsive/addictive behavior, from the Sacrament of Confession, self-help books,12-step groups, and online recovery programs, to professional counseling and therapy. Individuals may begin to gain mastery over their unhealthy habits using any one of these options; others may need to use multiple options depending on their level of compulsion/addiction and any underlying issues that may exist. The RECLAIM Online Recovery Program has worked for individuals: - Who are using it as their first option. - Who have tried other options that didn't work. - Who also belong to 12-step or other recovery groups. - Who see therapists on a regular basis and use RECLAIM as after-care between office visits. - Who use RECLAIM in addition to all of the above! Many RECLAIM students insist in the key to recovery is the combination of faith and reason (science )- we would agree!

Why do you charge for a subscription to the RECLAIM Online Recovery Program?

There are two primary reasons for our current fee structure: 1. There was a substantial cost to putting this program together and there are ongoing costs which include staff to maintain and update content, student coaches, technology maintenance, and upgrades, etc. This is necessary to offer a quality resource that will actually help those trying to charge their unhealthy sexual behaviors. RECLAIM pays an ongoing license fee to cover these costs in addition to paying our own staffing and material costs needed to support the program. 2. Greater incentive to actively work through the program. We know from experience that those with little or no investment in their recovery process tend not to work through and complete the program. Recognizing that there are financial hardship situations, we also actively work to raise scholarship funds, though even in these situations we still try to have the participant pay at least part of the subscription cost.

I can't afford to sign up right now. What can I do on my own to start healing?

Volumes have been and could be written on this topic. Here is a very simplified answer to a very complex question: PRAY AND EXERCISE YOUR FREE WILL. Prayer can begin right now! Ask for the intercession of our great role models in purity and chastity like Mary (especially under the title of Our Lady of Good Help), St. Joseph and many other saints, including your patron saint. Frequent the Sacraments, especially Reconciliation (Confession) and the Holy Eucharist. Your greatest sin is a grain of sand compared to God's ocean of mercy! Christ heals. After prayer and the Sacraments, try to understand what causes you to make the bad decisions you do. Are they triggered by boredom, tiredness, stress, anger, or particular times or places (late at night, with a tv or computer, etc.)? Then, recognizing when these triggers are about to occur, make the decision to replace your negative behavior with appropiate behavior that still addresses your underlying need. The good news is, that even if you are trying to overcome unhealthy habits related to sexuality that have developed over a long period of time, practicing discipline in other areas of your life that might not be as challenging will also help with your unhealthy sexual behaviors. The practice of discipline in one area of your life begets discipline in other areas. This is also why fasting is especially effective practice; it combines a physical habit or discipline with a spiritual desire. To get your body in shape, you must exercise it properly. To get your free-will in shape, you also must exercise it properly. Always remind yourself, you did not get to this point overnight or by acting out once. You've been practicing this for some time, and it has become a habit. Be as patient with yourself as God is with you. As St. Paul reminds us: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me" Phil. 4:13

I would like to pay for another person's subscription, is there a way I can do that?

Yes you can. We recommend the use of a pre-paid credit card loaded with the amount of the subscription price. The person can use the card to sign up, and because subscriptions are set up for an automatic renewal, you won't have to worry about recurring charges on your personal or company credit card. If you are an organization and you would like to provide a discounted subscription to the RECLAIM Online Program for your members, you can offer them gift codes and receive a volume discount at the same time. Please view our SIGN UP page for more information.

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