The Tools and Features
You Need To Succeed!

Online & Available 24/7

RECLAIM is always available on your phone, tablet, or computer. The program training and exercises give you the insights and tools to overcome your unwanted sexual behaviors. Special crisis intervention modules available when you find yourself in a difficult situation. When you get that free time in your busy day, RECLAIM is waiting and ready to go, anytime of the day! 


In RECLAIM you never use your real name.  All interactions with the program, your coach, and other RECLAIM students is through your "screen-name" only. Coaches and other students in the forum will NOT have your email address.  All communications with your coach are through a private message board, and conversations with other students are via a secure online forum.

Private & Secure

Privacy and confidentiality are our top priority. RECLAIM never uses your information or data without your informed consent. Through your private RECLAIM account, you control who has access to your information. All of your confidential data is transmitted through an SSL encrypted connection and stored on our secure servers, so you don't have to be concerned about security.

A Science-Based Approach

When it comes to breaking out of unwanted behaviors, there's a lot of pop-psychology, self-help books, and other "warm and fuzzy" approaches out there. These may be inspirational and exciting for a while, but they rarely result in real, lasting change. The RECLAIM program is based on tested and proven neuroscience, clinical psychology, and behavioral-change technology. Data and outcomes show thousands  have succeeded with this program.

You have a "Human Decision System"

You are very familiar with the fact that you have an Immune System and a Digestive System, but did you know that you also have what we call a Human Decision System? This remarkable system is centered in your brain and plays a dominant role in every decision you make—positive or negative. Learning how your Human Decision System works, how to harness and direct it—this is the key to your success in consistently making the choices you desire most.

Low Cost

Money worries can be one of the triggers that push people to seek escape through sexual outlets. At RECLAIM, we're highly aware of this challenge. For little more than the cost of a soft drink or cup of coffee a day, you and your support people can receive all of the benefits of the RECLAIM program.  Participants express it is cost effective to have help available 24/7 in comparison

to the high cost of other types

of recovery support.

Tracking Success & Receiving Feedback

Your Daily Tracking Calendar

This incredibly valuable tool helps you identify patterns and trends in your daily life, making it easier to consistently progress forward. You can track your Daily Self-Care Routine, the intensity of your triggers and urges, your most recent successes, and your journal entries. The calendar allows you to recognize patterns and work to alleviate triggers.

Your Personal Journal

Scientific evidence supports that using a journal provides many benefits. The act of writing accesses your left brain, which is analytical and rational.  Focusing on the use of your left brain causes your right brain to settle down from the overuse because of sexual fantasy.   You can track your Daily Self-Care Routine; the intensity of your triggers and urges; your most recent successes, and more!

Crisis & Setbacks

At times, your cravings and urges to act out unwanted sexual behaviors can put you in crisis mode. You can then access your online "Crisis Tools." If you give in to your cravings it will be a temporary setback. When this happens, open your "Setback Tools" page and follow the steps. You will learn how to pick yourself up, assess what went wrong, make adjustments, and begin progressing forward again.

Faith Focused
God's design of the human mind is extraordinary! While science is gaining amazing insights into how the brain works, our faith gives context and meaning to why it works that way. That is why the RECLAIM program weaves a rich tapestry of Church teaching, prayer, and spiritual insight, along with the science and psychology of recovery. This enables healing

at a much deeper and long-lasting level.